Fairy tale.

My life is a fairy tale.

At this point, I’m the little child, lost in the forest, at night, where everything is absolutely scary.

I can not walk as I don’t know where I am going.

I can not speak as I don’t know what would come out of my mouth.

I can not see as everything is dark and I’m afraid to fall.

I can’t not feel as it’s terribly cold and my whole body feel nothing but fear and pain.

I can not breathe as I’m afraid of what could come into my lungs.

I can not eat as I don’t know what is good or bad for me.

I can not drink as I am not sure the vital water would not kill me.

I can only remember, before the forest, I had to go through another one.

So I’m wondering.

How many forests are there exactly ?

Is that an eternal wander ?

Or all of this really has a meaning ?

Yes I know I’m the one who is supposed to give a meaning to all of this.

Maybe later.

At the moment, the only meaning it has is the pain.


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